Hey there!


Great you made your way to my tiny, colourful, virtual world! I started this Blog in early 2016 and to cut things short: I am a blogger (you guessed so by now), writer (who isn’t?), traveller (dito), friend, sister, daughter, student, foodie (!!!), barmaid, journalist, and sometimes a weirdo. Just like everyone else on this beautiful planet. And, well, I simply like sharing most of what I love with you guys. This stuff should always be as environment-friendly and sustainable as possible. At the same time it may of course also be fun, inspiring, entertaining. So why should you be reading this blog? Because you might like to know. Because you might like to share your ideas with me, to react to my chitchat. Or because you simply like to look at coulourful meals and travel pictures. Just like I do.

So what you are gonna find here is, basically, a lot of edible things, most of which being vegetarian and vegan and you will definitely also stumble upon some travel inspiration, which often will be food-related, too. All this represents the little bit I wanna contribute to your world being “full of beans”: healthy, enthusiastic, happy, and joyful.


So, nice to meet you!


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