My two cents

My dear hungry fellows out there, welcome to my humble contribution to a world to be full of beans (not literally, though. Or not only).

IMG_7115 (2)

There is one question that inevitably edges forward now: what’s the point of another food-and-travel blog, actually? Well, to get this straight: there are thousands of wonderful, inspiring, mouth-watering, enviable blogs out there. And I am afraid I won’t be able to reinvent the wheel. A blog is an awesomely efficient method to use one’s voice in our full and colourful world. But a voice is only a voice when it is heard. And in order for it to be heard you need to have something to say. The deeper sense of this blog is about things that tend to get forgotten in everyday life: awareness, consciousness, respect, appreciation and, most importantly, humour. I think travel and food are good ways to strengthen those values.  And recently, there is an increasing trend towards a balanced nutrition, far from strict dieting, cherishing the beauty and tastiness of plant-based food. So, simply, I wanna add my two cents. For there are three things I really like doing in my own, constantly growing world, and these are cooking with fresh and healthy food, eating with pleasure and travelling. And I know very well that I am a super privileged young lady, that I can even enjoy the three of them to such an extent. But this is exactly what I wanna say: Be grateful for what you have and make the best out of it, not only for yourself but also for your environment!  And stay hungry, hungry for travel, for good, local products, for cooking, culture, meeting new wonderful people and, after all, cherishing life. Now this os getting a bit cheesy. So let’s have a look at some yellow roses.


Now, the recipes on this blog are often gonna be vegan. This is the case not because I am a food-preacher or, worse, because I want to spread food-ideals. No, the only aspiration I have is to try out everything that deals with our surroundings in a respectful manner. Even plant-based food may not always adhere to this maxim. And according to my take, cooking is not just preparing calory-intake. It’s a social practice, culturally precious. It should awaken your creativity and curiosity. So you might consent with vegan ideals or you might eat whatever meat you can get on your plate. I actually do not really care as long as you do not turn away from anything before having set your wits to it. I for myself have decided that I do not really like meat a lot. But this is my thing and if I can inspire you to try out something new, that will make me more than happy.


Love, Florence


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